Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Thank you for a great day!

To each and every attendee at the Expo June 14th - thank you for such a wonderful day! The conversations, the hallway exchanges, the contributions to the legacy of this initiative were tremendous. You can view the notes from the Conversations of Consequence (morning breakouts) at the URL set up for us by our Reese Center partners. Stay tuned for more information about how the outcomes from the Expo will be processed, promoted, and shared broadly.


Blogger Wayne Hall said...

Andrea, thanks to you and Sheryl for some great planning to set up the rich discussions over the course of this day.

A unifying idea that seemed new to me: learning communities are a symptom of a wide variety of emerging structures for human interactions in which the traditional hierarchies are being replaced by shared and increasingly distributed authority. Under the banner of active-learning pedagogies, we have been urging such developments in our classrooms for nearly two decades now. Technology applications such as this blog allow for the instant and uncensored publication of multiple voices at virtually no cost.

As members of learning communities, we have already stepped into the roles that we have long urged upon our students: be flexible and open to change, don't ever disable your creative functionality, and always be aware that roles and identities are dynamic. Learning communities can help us to experience and internalize these increasingly necessary ways of doing our work.

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